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"My Baby is on the Jumbotron"

[Pictures of Sarah on the Jumbotron at the American Airlines Center where Good Morning Texas is filmed]

Thank you so much for everything that you have given me, from challenging me to be a better human, for supporting me, for your hugs, your tears, your connections, and your dance parties. I am where I am today because I am standing on the shoulders of giants, you are my giants.

I am so so thankful for all of you!!

Thank you to American Airlines and Good Morning Texas for your hospitality and for wanting to share this story, your kindness is so much appreciated!!

This was such a irreplaceable moment, to have my parents in the studio- my mom with tiny tears in her eyes as she whispers to my dad "Our baby is on the Jumbotron!"

With each event like this our family gets closer, we all learn more and more about growing up and raising a child with a limb difference. I love you parents! Cant wait for our next adventure together!

I am so so so so thankful for all of you, and hope to help support you in the future! We are making change guys!!

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