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Sarah Tuberty Disability Advocate Flight Attendant Occupational Therapist Aerial Artist Disarming Disability Podcast

Sarah Tuberty

Sarah Tuberty, OTD, OTR/L, brings a profound and personal understanding to her role as

an occupational therapist, having navigated life with a congenital hand difference. Her own experiences, including her time as a patient at the Shriners Hospital for Children – Northern California, have significantly shaped her empathy and insight into the disability journey.

With a Bachelor's degree in Biology from Saint Mary’s College of California, Sarah's path took her through AmeriCorps service and a career as a flight attendant before she pursued advanced studies. Her dedication continued in a Doctorate of Occupational Therapy from Boston University, renowned for its excellence in the field. Currently enrolled in an Occupational Therapy PhD program at Texas Woman's University, she continues to deepen her expertise and commitment to the field.

Sarah's contributions extend beyond academia, co-authoring The Hand Book: An Informational Guide for Parents of Children with Hand Differences, providing invaluable support and resources to families navigating similar journeys.

In addition to her clinical practice, Sarah is a passionate advocate and educator. She co-founded Disarming Disability, a podcast aimed at challenging societal perceptions of disability, and authored Super-Abled Comics, amplifying diverse representation in media.


Through her multifaceted efforts, Sarah endeavors to foster understanding, empowerment, and inclusivity for individuals with congenital limb differences and beyond.

Let's work together!

Sarah's greatest asset lies in her adeptness at interdisciplinary collaboration. Whether it's contributing to research endeavors, co-authoring comic books, engaging in modeling assignments, or showcasing her talent in aerial circus arts, she consistently seeks out opportunities for meaningful and impactful projects aimed at authentically representing the disability narrative.

If you're looking to collaborate with Sarah on a project, there are various avenues available. Whether you're interested in research collaborations, creative ventures such as comic book authorship, or require her expertise in modeling or aerial circus arts, feel free to reach out and explore potential opportunities for collaboration. Connect with Sarah today to explore how your project can benefit from her unique perspective and skill set.

Drawing of Sarah Tuberty

Collaborate on Research

Sarah is in a PhD in Occupational Therapy program at Texas Woman's University. Her research interests surround the psychosocial impact of disability, the disability identity development, and social participation.

Check out her publications on ResearchGate

Sarah engaged in a guest lecture

Guest Lecture

Sarah's expertise in congenital limb differences, disability studies and the lens of Occupational Therapy provides meaningful guest lectures for those in collegiate education for health care professions

Headshot of Sarah

Guest Speaker

Sarah's work around disability pride and her kind approach to unpacking tough topics has lead her to succeed as a guest speaker and keynote speaker

Sarah is a Rotarian and would love to speak at your club meetings

Check out Sarah's Presentation on Disability and the Aerial Arts for the Rotary eClub of Silicon Valley

Perfomance photo of Sarah Tuberty in a sling with a flourecent fabricated hand

Create Disability Positive Art

There is such freedom and beauty in art expression celebrating the advantages of the disability identity.

Check out her work in aerial circus arts with Watermelon Bathtub Theatre Company

Sarah would so love to collaborate on projects combining art and limb differences

Hand Book Cover

Client/ Patient Education

Sarah discovered liberation of disability stigma through the educational curriculum in her Occupational Therapy program, she is driven to help connect patients and families to meaningful content to empower their journey.

Sarah developed the Online Resource for Parents of Children with Limb Differences and co-authored The Hand Book with Dr. Nina Lightdale-Miric

Sarah on the jumbotron from a news segment


Seeking anyone for your show, podcast, magazine? Sarah's dynamic lifestyle, interests, and expertise surrounding disability and identity will provide interesting and meaningful content

Check out recent article in Living with Amplitude Magazine

Sarah modeling a sweater for QVC


Sarah is just launching professionally modeling, and would love to work together to celebrate human variation in mainstream media

Check out some recent work here:

Sarah is represented by GAMUT Management, contact here for Modeling bookings

Sarah holding an adaptive mug

Content Review

Sarah's experiences as a person from the Disability, combined with her educational background in Disability studies, Occupational Therapy, and Limb Differences, she can provide helpful and thoughtful reviews of content for and about the Disability Community. Check out come of her content review work here

Cover of Chiara Comic Book

Let's write!

Collaboration on written works, whether they are professional in nature such as an article for a magazine or creative and engaging like a comic- Sarah is always here to create meaningful content that connects audiences.

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