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Media Representation- Where are we?

[Image of Sarah looking sassy with her sunglasses on, holding a bouquet of flowers in her left elbow, right hand is playing with hair. Butterflies are painted on the wall behind her.]

‘I never saw myself in any of the media outlets’

‘I never thought I could be any of these things, because I didn’t see how I could’

‘I thought I was alone, that I was the only one with my experience’

‘I didn’t find my disability pride until adulthood, and had to undo years and years of internalized abelism’

Over the course of the past month I have found myself so deeply interconnected into disability advocacy spaces and trainings.

Over and over these are the messages that I have heard from everyone else in the community. I have voiced these same words into the universe.

Today, the world we live in, so many advocates are embracing and stepping up into spaces of spotlight- all to help voice words of encouragement and empowerment to so others can see themselves in our stories, so others can step up and voice their own stories.

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